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Sex crime allegations differ from all other criminal accusations due to the social stigma attached to them. The mere rumor of a sex offense attached to your name can damage your reputation, threaten your job or career, and negatively impact your family and personal relationships. Because of this, you need to act quickly and proactively to fight back. This best way to do this is to put a proven criminal defense attorney in your corner as soon as possible. 

At The Law Offices of Michael Chessa PLLC, we are only too well-aware of the dire consequences associated with sex crime convictions, which can include mandatory sex offender registration. We understand how vital it is to provide an aggressive approach to defending you against such charges. We start with an exhaustive investigation into the facts and circumstances of your case in search of inconsistencies, exaggerations, and weaknesses. It is important to remember that the prosecutor must prove the charges “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Our goal is to take any and all legal measures to cast doubt that can help you avoid a conviction or minimize the consequences.

Sex Crimes in New York

“Sex crime” is a catchall term that covers any kind of sexually-related offense. New Yor has many types of sex crimes as outlined in its Penal Code.

These crimes can include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual misconduct

  • Rape

  • Sexual abuse

  • Aggravated sexual abuse

  • Forcible touching

  • Criminal sexual act

  • Sexual conduct against a child

  • Facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance

  • Predatory sexual assault

  • Child pornography

Each of these crimes is defined in a specific way. Most are felonies with the exception of a few that are charged in the third degree as misdemeanors. The offenses that are most serious are those that are committed with force or threatened force against the alleged victim, those committed with the use of weapons, those resulting in serious injury to the alleged victim, and those committed against children, the mentally incapacitated, or the physically helpless. Individuals with previous convictions will also face increased penalties. 

The majority of sex crimes are subject to prison terms ranging from one and a half years all the way up to 25 years. Less serous sex crimes may be given probation sentences that include longer and more restrictive terms than standard probation. Those who are released after more serious felony sex crimes may face supervision by the court from three to 25 years as well, depending on the offense. 

Sex offender registration is also a New York requirement for many sex crimes which can span 20 years up to life. This penalty can seriously impact your future in terms of where you can live and work with annual registration required. Failure to register can lead to further criminal charges.

Why You Need Our Experienced New
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In New York City, the District Attorney and NYPD have specialized crime units trained and dedicated to pursuing sex crime offenders. These units will work hard to get convictions. At The Law Offices of Michael Chessa PLLC, you can put a former felony prosecutor on your side who understands how to fight back against these focused forces with legal strategies designed to help you reach the best possible outcome.


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